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To protect your privacy and the site's integrity, we use Secure Sockets Layer, also called SSL. Read more about what that is and what it does here: is the secure teaching and learning section of the project begun at Though like most sites, it's secure enough, when we got into content of a more sensitive nature, and understood that some of our readers and students may be in the "broom closet" we thought it was a good idea to up our game. So please take some time to read our privacy policy and terms of use to make sure that nothing is happening without you knowing, and that you help us to help you keep your information out of the wrong hands.


Offline Privacy


The owner of this website is Sis. Nicole T. Lasher, the female king of Ile Baalat Teva, a diaspora Vodun group in northern Israel. I have been a licensed minister in the Universal Life Church, Modesto, CA branch since 1993. I achieved my Doctor of Metaphysics from the same, actually doing the optional thesis and teaching beginning to advanced spiritual counseling at Universal Class until it was sold to another company.


By virtue of confirmed years of religious service, I am well covered by clergy-parishoner confidentiality and cannot be legally forced to disclose any information about any of my site readers, students, or those who come to me for assistance. I will not however, refrain from reporting incidents of unjust violence to the authorities. Nor will I offer any spiritual help to cover the crimes those who harm the innocent or children.


For the same reasons, I will not assist the authorities in any "witch hunting" or "satanic panic" crusades against polytheists or others walking a different path. In the case of infiltration, I will burn all of my notes and destroy the entire site and all information contained therein before allowing it to be compromised. Should anything happen to me, my family and ile have been instructed.


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Targeted Ads? Nope.


We do not serve automated ads on this site. Some external services we use for plugins in the blog may, but we don't. If you see any ads here, they are from actual sponsors who donate to this site to keep it running. We support businesses who support us.


Our Terms


We ask that you do your part to protect others' privacy here by not sharing anyone's personal information. You don't know who all knows who, and the world is much smaller than you may think. You may go blabbing somewhere about an interesting case or situation you found out about, and cause trouble for people. So unless someone says specifically that something is public information, or posts it in a public place, keep it to yourself. Whatever is said in the course discussions stays in the course discussions.


Also, the course content is not public domain. Even though some of the information may fall under the category of traditional, the recipes, instructions, and insights all legally belong to the teachers. It is not cool to repost someone's content on your site without permission. If the condition is that you should link back to them, then you'd better link back.


For the sake of full disclosure, we do cast protections on our sites and content here. You have already seen a symbol that has implanted a signal in your mind that will bless you for linking to us, or call our warrior spirits if you violate us or anyone under our protection. Don't worry, you have to steal from us to activate it. As long as you don't, it will remain a blessing.


We also have a spirit who attacks spammers with horrible sores that make MRSA look like a teenager's pimple.


If you have any questions or would like to leave some feedback, or notice a problem with our site, or you are a site thief or spammer who would like to know how much it will cost you to remove the curse, use the contact form.


Thank you for reading our privacy policy and terms.


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