SC102 Lesson 4: The Psychology of Religion and Jung

Isua - November 27,2005

To deepen your understanding of how to help patrons on their spiritual journey, especially those who are recovering from spiritual exploitation and abuse, Michael Nielsen compiled a wonderful set of writings, quotations, and resources to help spiritual counselors exploring psychology and psychologists exploring spiritual counseling. Go there and bookmark it.……

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SC102 Lesson 3: Neuropsychology and Neurotheology

What is Neuropsychology? Neuropsychology is the branch of psychology that deals with the relationship between the nervous system, including and especially the brain, and mental functions, like language, memory, and perception.  Discoveries in neuroscience have shown that the anatomy of the brain affects a lot more of human behavior than……

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SC102 Lesson 1: Introduction and Locus of Control

Joshua, a young man with red boxer sport shorts and boxing gloves with a thoughtful expression

Welcome to the intermediate level of Spiritual Counseling on! Prepare yourself for a lot of reading. Don’t worry, it will be fun. Well, fun if you’re really into the subject. Together, we’re going to explore the human mind, which is the gateway to whatever the soul is/are. The ancient……

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