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Terms of Having Us Host Your Blog

LogoSince no one ever reads the terms of service, I’m putting them in the introduction. You could still skip over them. I’d have no way of knowing. However, by clicking on the send button, you are agreeing to them.

Hosting on is arranged manually and payments are sent monthly, quarterly, or yearly and not automatically because though we need to make a living, we are not heartless capitalists here. We are realistic socialists. So I don’t want people to be worried about their site disappearing just because they’ll be late a couple weeks during a pandemic or personal tragedy.

This means every month, or every three months, or once a year you need to send us your hosting fee. If you are on the curated option, you can switch from curated to independent at the end of your payment cycle. You don’t get a refund if you switch in the middle.

I only ask that if something happens and you won’t be able to make your payment for awhile, let me know, and for how long. Yes, I will stalk you a bit to make sure you aren’t scamming me. If you’re truthful, we’re good. I also don’t mind if one of your fans pays on your behalf. That’s the advantage of doing things manually. We can be flexible.

Content Issues

We don’t have a problem with content that is NSFW, but if it contains any nudity, animal sacrifice, or levels of intensity that wouldn’t be appropriate for a 13 year old in the English speaking world, it needs to have a warning. If you think your site will have a lot of stuff (you are an Ifa practitioner in Cuba or Africa or Asatruar in Norway or you are fighting abuse of animals dispatched for offerings or human consumption wherever you are, and you would have to be giving warnings every other post) I can make you a warning “splash page” and restrict search engine indexing of possibly “offensive” material if you don’t know how.

I do understand the concept of academic filters, so as long as it’s text and not images, there is some flexibility in this. If a 13 year old wouldn’t sit through reading it unless they were studying something in earnest, this can work as well as a content warning. We just don’t want to get sued by people’s parents. Yes, they should be watching their kids, but people don’t always do what they should.

It shouldn’t need to be said, but we have a zero tolerance policy for “white” supremacy or recycled Blavatsky ethno-supremacism. We don’t do “root races”, reptilians outside of a Sumerian/Mesopotamian context, underground people, QAnon conspiracy theories, anti vaxer, or such kinds of “white” supremacy or culty stuff. If you are even worried that you might be spreading some of that, come back after you’ve purged. We are not billionaires who have dilemmas about whether or not to tolerate nazis for the drama clicks.

We are obviously not going to host any religious discrimination or anti witchcraft stuff. Not even the new agey spells are nonconsensual hypocrisy. We reserve the right to determine who is a hostile invader and extract them from our domain. No, you will not get a refund if I have to extract you. Consider pay for the labor of having to log in and delete.

If you at some point think that you are having irreconcilable differences with, don’t post the offending content, just let me know and I will allow you the time to download your posts in the database, or I’ll download and email it to you. If you post some garbage and I see it, I’m just going to delete it without warning. No “fact check” notes. It’ll just be gone with an explanation left there of where it came from and why it’s not appropriate here.

To be clear, you can post about harmful cults and religious hostility critically, but you can’t promote or encourage harmful cults and religious hostility.

One more thing, we understand that ages of consent and customs vary, but for the sake of the site, we consider a “child” or “minor” anyone who is under 18 years of age, or who appears to be so in visual art or other media. We do not allow any content that could be interpreted by a reasonable viewer as depicting or encouraging intimate or possibly damaging contact with a minor. Period. We also do not host sites by people under 18 without proof of parental permission which must be posted on the “About” page of the site.

We are not “love and light” people. We do not enforce any kind of “white” witchcraft only type of limitations. We just ask that you don’t abuse us or promote nonconsensual violations, sexual abuse, misogyny, racism, homophobia, or other haterism. That’s it.


Now that we’ve covered the rules, let’s get into why you should host your blog here. First off, if you are an experienced webmaster with a day job, you should probably get your own domain hosting. I recommend Hostinger because they have the best features for a reasonable price and excellent customer service you can reach by email. I hope they bring the chat back for everything, but they do still have it for some things. I would say they are good even if you are just moderately experienced. Any problem that could come up, they will help you with and even teach you things step by step.

This hosting service is more for someone who has a blog somewhere, or mostly posts on social media, and doesn’t want to go through all the hassle of technical maintenance.

Everyone needs to have their own website. You can’t rely on social media with all the politics, spammers, and possible harassment. So many great exoduses have shown that the only way to maintain some kind of stability with your web presence is to have your own space where you call the shots and the only rules are around legality. It is my hope that this can be a home online to some, and a step towards independence for others.

Not everybody has the time to learn HTML, CSS, and other programming languages involved with site building though. So I have plans for varying levels of technical skill.

Here’s what we offer:

Curated Hosting

I also like to call this “professional stalking“. This is where you do what you do on whatever social media you’re already on, and I follow you around and post the best stuff. I can do this once a day, once a week, or once a month. You send me the URL’s to your social media sites, and choose a payment plan based on hosting time and stalking incidents you want during that time.

With this plan, I will be the admin of the site, and you will be an author. So at any time, you can post your own content, but I will do all the building and technical work behind the scenes and post on your behalf as Webmatron on Behalf of (You) the best-of in my stalking rounds.

When you receive the payment confirmation email I will need you to send me a link to all the social media of yours that you want me to “stalk”. I will use my discretion to pick the best of everything I can find on the first round, and in future rounds, I’ll post whatever you have that is new and interesting using my discretion. If there is something specific that you want me to post, you need to send me those links. If it’s a lot, I will send you my Whatsapp so we can be in consistent contact on this.

Your URL/Web address will look like: name you choose)



You can choose which name you prefer, but I advise being on topic for best search engine ranking. Go with if your site will mainly have to do with African spirituality, and if it is Kemetic or has to do with sacred recipes. Stick with if your site isn’t that specific. These sites are already fairly well known, so you’ll automatically get some hits once they are posted on the Blogs page of the home site. Notice these all start with https:// instead of http://

This is because we use TLS/SSL, and all of the blogs will have it too.

A stalking round takes about an hour. It’s not cheap, but it will be worth it to rise above the masses filtered by the algorithms. In case you didn’t know, on social media, they decide who will get visibility and who will be virtually invisible. Having your own website goes a long way to getting you seen more. They keep track of incoming linkage.

My scale is $150/hour and it takes me about 8-10 working hours to fully set up a WordPress site with plugins and all. Because I am making your site a directory on though, it saves a lot of the headache, so I don’t need to charge so much. I will design your site according to what you send me and the theme of your posting habits. If you have a preference though, like cute or spooky, you need to let me know.

Click the option you want to go with for curated hosting.

Setup + 1 month, 1 stalking after setup: $500

Setup + 3 months, 3 stalkings after setup: $700

Setup + 1 month, 4 stalkings: $800

Setup + 3 months, 12 stalkings: $1500

Thereafter, it is $100 per month with 1 stalking.

$300 per month with 4 stalkings (once per week).

You can use the shopping cart here or just pay me directly through my Paypal.

Relatively Independent Blogs

This option is for those who don’t need me to do all the technical work, but want to contribute to the site. I only do the WordPress installation and adding you as an admin. You will be a site admin and have to do all your themes, plugins, graphics, etc. yourself, but you will have me there to guide you, and more options than you would on or someplace else. It’s your blog. Install whatever plugins you like.

I will be an admin there as long as you like. If you ever decide you don’t want me all up in there, just change the main admin email to yours, and demote me to Subscriber or whatever. I only ask that you be mindful of the content rules and things like viruses and malicious software. Don’t install anything that you can’t fully uninstall, so read the “more information” and 1 star reviews before adding a plugin.

Don’t ask me for help with the accursed block editor. I won’t touch that thing. When I set up your blog, I will install the Classic Editor and Classic Widgets unless you tell me not to. You can switch it back for yourself if you prefer. Just don’t ask me to mess with it.

Monthly Blog Hosting: $25

3 month blog hosting: $60

1 year blog hosting: $240

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